Life in the


Leave the stress and strife of working in the city behind, and find yourself in the warm embrace of nature here at your own managed farm retreat.

Our unique weekend farmlands are meant to induce peace of mind into you and your family, a place for you to find inspiration, nurture new life, enjoy leisure and fun, make memories that you’ll never forget.

Wake up every morning to bird songs, walk-in green fields filled with flowers, taste delicious, healthy fruit and dishes, bond with nature and build a farmland community with others just like you.

Saving up for the


We’ve ensured that our farms are founded in the ideal location, a mixture of pristine and progress. These are places adjacent to a high growth corridor, set to appreciate in value.

By choosing our farm, you have made an investment that will give greater returns as the years go by. Our meticulous management practices, innovation and upkeep will greatly elevate the value of your farmland plots.

In this world of uncertainty, you can own a guaranteed asset to leave for the future.

Our Clients


Ravi Shankar

It is splendid staying here at Woodstork Hills! All of us including our energetic doggy always have a good time. There are many other just like us, and it always feels like a strong community.

John Varghese

Being a free spirit who loves to go about his day with no reins, staying here at Boho Green Hills has given me the perfect place to be my true self and also to find others just like me.

Abdul Rahman

Our time at West Woods is always an enchanting experience! We really feel like living in the great outdoors, amongst nature and greenery where we can have a wholesome time together.




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