Coming Together

to Build Paradise

We want to combine our knowledge to give a paradise that you can own forever. Our knowledge of agriculture and cultivation will yield the best crops and produce. Our architects are masters of layout planning and landscaping. Finally, the business side of investment and appreciation is taken care of by our finance experts.

We want to create a green heaven that you can reside, work, have fun and leisure in. Filled with all the amenities that make it convenient yet pristine and closest to nature. It will be an investment for the future that will give you days of peace and happiness.

Driven By A


We want to help those affected by monotony and stress with a place to unwind and bond with nature.

We strive to make unique farmland projects that will be built with a vision to increase one’s own mental well being as well as their wealth.

It will be a place for families, couples, individuals, anyone who wanted a unique retreat that lasts forever and keeps giving them more.

Keeping True to


Definitive upkeep and management of your farmland property

We take up the burden of maintenance, safety and security of the farmland, securing it from any trespassers, assistance with the plantations, and overall development.

Most picturesque locations with easy access from anywhere

These are fertile lands that are a treat for your eyes, where you can unwind, connect with nature, grow food and work in peace. It is also not far from the conveniences of modernity either.

Investment and growth focus for appreciation of land value

One of our priorities, we ensure that the land we purchase is surrounded by good infrastructural developments with a rising land appreciation, so your financial security is guaranteed.

Transparent business practices that protects the customer

Our business model is in adherence to the standard of operating procedures and management. We ensure transparency in all our dealings, keeping the consumer as the No. 1 priority.

Sustainable and safe farming methods to safeguard environment

To reduce environmental degradation, to maintain the productivity of the land, and to support the viability of family farms and rural communities, we only operate with sustainability.

The Apex of


At the top of the pyramid, there are some key players who’ve given their all to create paradises for you. With experience and success in the industry in the past, they’ve now joined as one to create Kshethra Farms. Meet them!


with us