40 Acres Of
Pristine Farmlands @ Hyderabad

We have conceived this gorgeous green expanse as a way for people to rediscover the simplicity and serenity of a rustic life. West Woods is an idyllic destination for you to experience the peace of a farmland and nurture your favourite crops, fruits and vegetables. Inspired by the European aesthetics and zeitgeist, there are many premium, luxury amenities resting on a land that is hotbed of investment opportunities.

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40 acres of pristine farmlands

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A diverse array of amenities

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Unit sizes in multiples of 600 Sq. yds

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European concept farmlands

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Holistic infrastructure setup

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At a strategic investment zone


Here are some of the amenities that can be found inside this pristine farmland

Children Outdoor Play Area
Children Indoor Activities
Open Gym
Free Wifi at Clubhouse
Garden Seats
Water Pond Park
European Cafeteria
Water Fountain
Healthy Snack Bar
Healthy Juice Bar
Organic Vegetable Garden

High Growth Corridor

There are many institutions and developments that make this area a really high value investment zone for the future

Layout Plan

Location Map


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